5 Tips for Improving Your Workspace


Is your workspace cluttered? If your answer is yes, then you need to create a space that allows you to be productive. The state of your workspace affects your performance and it’s important to ensure that your space is clean and well organized. In addition, you should ensure that your workspace has a favorable environment. If you would like to boost your performance, here are five tips for improving your workspace:

1. De-clutter your desk

If you are looking for a solution that will enable you to declutter your Mac or Windows computer, then look no further. With this sleek and compact device, you can connect many devices to your laptop without using all its ports. The Arc Hub offers 2xUSB 3.0 ports, 2x USB-C ports, 1 mini display port, 1 SD card slot, and 1 HDMI port. This compact and beautiful USB-C adapter is light and you can carry it anywhere. The Arc Hub is specially designed to help you organize and transform your workspace for maximum productivity.


2. Manage your power and data cables

A tangled mess of power and data cables can ruin the environment of your workspace and affect your productivity. A dangling cable is a tripping hazard and can make you start or end your day with injuries. To improve your workspace and make it safe for you, you should organize your cables by bunching them together. You can achieve that by using a cardboard tube or binder clips. For the floor-trailing cables, you can use a rail to hold them together and keep them out of site. Whenever possible, make sure that power and data cables are on the rear side of your desk.


3. Improve the lighting of your workspace

Whether you are working from home or in a busy office, lighting influences your mood and affects your productivity. You should ensure that your workspace has the lighting that boosts your mood. Depending on the atmosphere that you want to create and the design of your office, you can choose natural light, desktop lamps, or natural daylight bulbs.

4. Ensure that the air in your workspace is free from dust

High concentrations of airborne particles and allergens can ruin the environment of your workspace and considerably affect your performance. To boost your productivity, you should ensure that the air in your workspace is free from dust. If you have been missing deadlines due to low productivity, then you need to consider the quality of air in your workspace. An air purifier can help to improve the quality of air in your office.


5. Make your workspace comfortable

Did you know that unfavorable temperatures can affect your performance? You can boost your productivity by ensuring that your workspace is not too cold or hot. You can use a heater, a fan, or an air conditioner depending on the comfort you want. Also buying brand new furniture that fits your style and needs will make working more enjoyable. Maybe add a couch, or a new desk chair, even adding some of your favorite plants or items to your desk can make all the difference.